What you need to know before visiting Sri Lanka

Before going to an unfamiliar place, no matter where it might be, it is always best that you know the dos and don’ts of that place. This way you know what to expect and how to prepare beforehand. So here are some things you need to know before visiting Sri Lanka.

To travel you need loads of time

Though the island in itself may have seen small in the many brochures of Sri Lanka tours, travelling in the country to different tourist spots is very time consuming. The primary reason for this is the killer traffic. The traffic in Sri Lanka is no joke at all, especially during the peak times, weekdays, holidays and may be even sometimes the weekends too, but that is in the city. When it comes to the tourist spots in the many rural areas, you might experience a different form of traffic with an occasional cow or two in the middle of the street, an elephant casually crossing the roads, a dog barking and running wild, a random cat skipping its way through and whatnot. So just know that you’ll have to carry a huge bag of patience and some snacks to snack on while you wait!

Pick the right mode of travelling

The ideal form of travelling when you are in Sri Lanka is using the trains. This form of travelling is not only cost effective but also an amazing experience as well. When you are travelling to the hill country, going through the train is going to give some amazing scenes to snap on and post. However you have to anticipate and experience the delays in the train, lack of seats if you don’t book and whatnot. You could also choose to get a cab service with a driver instead to drive you around different places, for a set package that varies based on the mileage.

There is a lot to do

Though the country may seem small, there is a lot to do and experience and quite honestly not all locals themselves have been able to visit different parts of the country and experience the many things the island has to offer. If you want to experience the busy city life then Colombo it is, if you want to feel close to home and experience that winter feeling then you have to plan a trip to the hill country and if you want to feel the desert heat, sand and endless ruins then there is another part of the country you can visit. The southern part of the country has the beach vibe with all the surfing, sailing, whale watching and whatnot. And there’s so much more as well, so you certainly have to plan out your schedule beforehand to fit in everything!

It is safe

Know that this island is a safe place you can easily travel to and that people are more than willing to help you, so there’s nothing to really worry about. But just like in any other country or place it doesn’t hurt to be safe in terms of your belonginess and whatnot.

Plan a visit to this country and experience all these yourself to feel an Island vibe like no other!


Image: Buddha