How to Keep Meat Preserved

Do you really love eating meat, but have nowhere to put all of it? If you are someone who takes up a Paleolithic diet, you will be eating food that doesn’t have preservatives added to it. Now, a diet like this is a lot more work in the modern day. Surely it isn’t as bad as it used to be when the diet was the norm, back in prehistoric times when our ancestor would go hunting for their food every day. A big part of this diet involves eating a huge amount of meat every day, just like the people of old did.

All about that red meat

While fish factors into this diet every now and then, the main point of the diet is to eat red meat, from animals that aren’t harvested and helpless. There are a ton of different books and articles out there that will help you better understand how to properly work on a Paleolithic diet if that is what you are a fan of. This practice of hunting for our food and cooking it to get rid of germs and infections was aa huge part of our evolutionary process as a species, and has allowed human brains to become bigger than they used to be.

We don’t work for our food anymore

While meat is still one of the most famous foods in the world in the present day, there is a big difference between the people of old and the people of the present. Today, you can go to any one of the Restaurants Ivanhoe has to offer and get the same meat that would have taken a whole day to hunt in the past. All the hard work that went into the obtaining of the meat for consumption no longer exists. There is no fear in place that we will starve to death if we aren’t able to track and kill that migrating herd of buffalo in the next few hours. We have grown used to the comfort that our easier lifestyles grant us now, and have gotten so accustomed to it that we don’t think about much else than getting our daily dose of food.

Unless you are a fan of the Restaurants Ivanhoe has for all of the hungry people in the area, your method of engaging in a Paleolithic diet would be to store large amounts of meat at a time. To keep all of this preserved without chemicals, you are going to literally have to put it on ice.

It still won’t keep for a long time, but it will make it have a lower chance of getting contaminated. Think about investing in a walk-in freezer if you are truly serious about this lifestyle.